I will start watch this series today… I can not wait. I’m so excited.


I have been doing stuff!

Lat week I decided I’m going to get back to photoshop, yes I missed it.


I will be posting pictures the next few days.


Good morning

I woke up today with a sore-throat, I could not even swallow my own saliva. I had too much coffee last night too much cigs and too much food. I started a diet a couple of months ago and shit happened and I stopped. Anyways, I still hate the fact I’m still waiting.



Let’s rewind this

I have been in this relationship for five years now. Yasser an I agreed to be wed next year which will be in six months from now. We have been through tough times, we broke up many times between those years. Many troubles has happened, fought, cried, cheated each other, lied about to each other. Many good things happened too, we got busted once by the workers in this fast food joint, we were kissing and I was half naked. Fun times. We practically lived together. Smoked pot, drank beers, danced, sang, made love countless of times. I remember this incident that happened couple of years ago when he came to Jeddah to surprise me and I remember it made me so happy. I do love that idiot.

We had a car accident and we both got injured. I have never told him this yet, but my chest still hurts.

About a year ago he left me for no reason and till this day I still don’t know the answer for that behavior. I will leave that in another post for now.


Right now I’m rewinding the big happy thoughts that is coming to my head at the moment.

I do not have a cellphone I can’t call him every two hours like we used to do a week ago. Yes, Shit happened.

Now I just miss talking with him and talk about absolutely  nothing.